Complaints Board Abuse And How to Play with a Troll

complaints board abuseComplaints board abuse by Top Rated ebay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes and his two friends posting more slander complaints about me, stating that I’ve been fired which I’m not, I’ll go ahead and now show people how you can play at the same game by using those very images to link back to a popular article post. Google will now associate the images my webstalker and eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has used from doxing my home address, to promoting more traffic using pinterest with those very images using the same keyword phrases originally to show the community what an abusive seller Joseph DeMarco AKA Crazeenydriver really is. Joe is losing at this game and his friends aren’t helping.

Complaints Board Abuse Hubcapjoes Explained

Complaints Board Abuse and Turning the Tables

complaints board abuseJoe’s friends just makes it worse for the Deranged Obsessive Cybertalking eBay Seller and in the end he loses. I’ll also upload a video of me walking into work just to show I’m not terminated from my job. Joe’s friend Arin looked kinda suprised to see me back from my vacation, and remember Joey Slander gets you nowhere and YouTube Predator’s like Keith Detwiler and Jason Paul Decanio are just examples of what we call a Menace to Society. Hubcapjoes has been getting away with selling on eBay because he is in direct contact with eBay executives by his own admission and currently appears on YouTube promoting eBay as an eBay Spokesman from the Crazeenydriver Show Channel. Do not do any business with this man and it would be wise to stay clear of him. Some of his YouTube subscribers posted comments stating that because they were harassed and abused by Hubcapjoes they will no longer post or subscribe to his show.

Hubcapjoes Employment Doxing Audio Evidence

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Evidence of eBay Seller Trying to get Union Employee Terminated from his Job

complaints board abuseBelow are copies of two Certified mailing return receipts where Hubcapjoe 321 Pine St Haworth, NJ contacted my employer on two separate occasions, telling them I had a gun and that I was dangerous in the workplace in order to try and have me terminated from my Union Job. Needless to say he was unsuccessful. and Included below is the actual tracking evidence from USPS which are two counts of mail fraud, that prove to be real and other evidence has also been obtained as of 8/6/2018. I have a perfect work record with my employer and great relationship with my Union. This really says a lot about a company like eBay inc when they allow their top rated sellers to cyberstalk people without Trust & Safety stepping in to take action when other sellers would normally have their selling privileges removed.

I’ll be having a lawyer in NJ file a lawsuit against Mr. DeMarco if he doesn’t stop. Right now there is enough evidence to have the District Attorney Move on Hubcapjoes and end his selling carrier on eBay but we believe someone at eBay and possibly even YouTube may be helping eBay’s Biggest Jerk.

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid: