eBay Runs Like a Clogged Drain Flowing Downhill

clogged draineBay is like a Clogged Drain flowing downhill when it comes to abusive sellers like Joseph Demarco aka Hubcapjoes promoting eBay from a contrived YouTube channel weekly promoted vlog called crazeenydriver. Yes every Friday this eBay company spokesman reads off manufactured fan letters from fake anonymous YouTube channels by his team to Hype the channel making you think he’s the best thing since sliced bread and that he’s helping people out but he’s not. Has anyone ever heard of a “Con Job” well this is exactly what it is just a good con. eBay Inc and their reputation management team and Facebook group members have put together quite the Con on the typical eBay’er that’s looking for information on what to sell on eBay. What new sellers don’t realize is that many of the YouTube channels that promote eBay are put together professionally by ebay employees trying to lour you in so that your hard earned money can flow down into eBay’s clogged Drain of filth.

eBay seller Hubcapjoes admits to being paid off to smear a Critic for eBay Inc:

This audio file is very important because we finally now have an abusive eBay Seller and Spokesman admitting to receiving some sort of a payout or swag for his work in smearing Charles w. Fitch former seller and buyer on eBay which violates not only seller policies but Privacy Policies as well. This has been submitted to IC3.gov and the FTC for investigation. If you’re a buyer on eBay and you’re seller is doing stuff like this to you, we urge you to file a complaint with eBay, the business registrant, the FTC, and the BBB.

clogged draineBay and PayPal teams are out there trying to suck you in. We came across Hubcapjoes in early 2012 when he was bashing eBay and PayPal from his YouTube channel then when a critic named eBayisajoke called out Hubcapjoe he became their number one fan boy and would stop at nothing to save himself from getting that NARU next to his name. Hubcapjoes has been caught abusing former eBay buyers and sellers of eBay by running off buyers from his YouTube Channel. He is abusive to the community and must be shut down. Hubcapjoes loves to go after his victims and in this audio we show eBay seller Hubcapjoes going after his competitors. It is very dangerous to continue allowing this seller to operate on it’s platform, and we know eBay is already aware of this seller’s abusive behavior which is in violation of seller guidelines.

Clogged Drain – Private emails Leaked by Seller Hubcapjoes

Clogged Drain – Crap Flows Downhill at Joe’s House

Hubcapjoes Seller ID on eBay

clogged drain

Audio Files of Abusive eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

Hubcapjoes Threats against his competitors:

Name: Joseph Demarco
Address: 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell NJ 07649
eBay Seller ID: Hubcapjoes

As you can see with the few examples provided to you which include eMail leaks and customer buyer abuse, Hubcapjoes is a seller nobody wants on eBay Inc. eBay in fact has stated to us over the phone he was under investigation. They are just waiting for the right time to pull the plug so this guy can be another eBay statistic flowing down the eBay drain of sludge. Hubcapjoes and many other sellers are abusive on the platform. Still to this day, the safest place the shop is on Amazon.