Why China Sellers get away with low Cost Shipping to US Buyers with e-Packets

China sellers can sell and ship an item for less than the domestic shipping alone for a US seller. Eg. A $10 item is bought from a China seller including shipping to the US. It would cost a US seller $10 for postage alone let alone the cost of the item. How can the China sellers ship for virtually nothing? It’s because the Communist Chinese Government has protectionism in place whereby they subsidize heavily international freight costs. This gives the China sellers an unfair state sponsored advantage over US sellers whose government won’t protect them from the actions of the Chinese Government.

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Hates China Sellers because they get good rates on shipping to the U.S

I wonder how ebay did not automatically pick up those duplicate listings? It looked like the guy had about 6,000 items and 600 were duplicates, so about 10%. On occasion I have accidentally hit “relist an item” in ebay and I get an error message that says something like this is a duplicate listing and ebay wont list it. I’m curious to see how this China seller has been able to usurp this ebay automation.