Chasing New Jersey Weighs in on Ebayisajoke

Chasing New Jersey Talks Ebayisajoke

Chasing New Jersey

Chasing New Jersey the local television show dives right into the Hubcapjoes story seeking answers from YouTube personality Ebayisajoke regarding accusations of harassment, cyber bullying and other allegations that have not been proven. Joseph DeMarco eBay Motors Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver was ousted in March of 2012 by Ebayisajoke when he revealed his eBay selling ID and website on YouTube to his audience. Crazeenydriver has been bashing the living crap out of eBay and PayPal ever since he opened his YouTube Channel in 2007. Crazeenydriver then changed his whole video format turning Pro eBay in an attempt to save his ass. I guess you can say the cat was let out of the bag.

Joseph DeMarco has a track record of Top Rated seller abuse calling his buyers names like “Scum”, “Pieces of Human Trash”, “Stupid idiots” and other names yet eBay allows him to freely operate and continue to abuse people who file cases against him. Apparently the seller policy standards don’t apply to Hubcapjoes like they would any other seller. If you ask me this guy should stick to selling out of his Brick and Mortar store. Crazeenydriver also called President and CEO John Donahoe a “Scumbag” on YouTube telling him to resign:

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Joseph DeMarco then stated in another video to his viewers not to take PayPal, he said and I quote “I am not gonna sell out my integrity to deal with that scumbag whore-ing company”. Then he says and I quote “I don’t understand how people can prostitute themselves and just lay down, spread eagle and let PayPal enter them”. This type of behavior is a risk to the eBay community.

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Chasing New Jersey needs to know that Hubcapjoes has tried to incite people on YouTube to file fake police and FBI reports against Ebayisajoke.

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Joseph Demarco has also filed fake Ripoff Reports on Ebayisajoke’s Sunglasses business sending people over to a Russian Federation Moscow website hosted at Blue Angel Hosting where Ebayisajoke’s private information has been posted. This website may have been published by someone working at eBay Motors but were unable to confirm that at this time.

We have video evidence of eBay Motors Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes telling people to file fraudulent chargebacks through PayPal and lie on the claim.

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This is actually called “Credit Card Charge Back Fraud” and against the PayPal user agreement. Joseph DeMarco loves to try to get people to do his dirty work for him. Hubcapjoes, crazeenydriver of YouTube also tried holding a contest against Ebayisajoke which failed, betting on when Ebayisajoke would be arrested. This is the work of a cyberstalker with serious mental health issues:

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Ebayisajoke runs an anti eBay blog called and joined YouTube in 2011 to deliver warnings about eBay and PayPal’s fraudulent business practices to protect consumers. Some of the fraudulent business practices at eBay include:

1. Shutting down perfect positive feedback sellers without merit or proof of any wrong doing.

2. Illegal PayPal money holds forcing sellers to ship out their items before getting paid.

3. Small sellers presented with fake charge back notices showing no summary or proof to the seller for verification.

4. Buyers getting their money back by PayPal right when a case is filed before the seller gets his item returned.

5. No ID Verify checks in place to protect car buying consumers at eBay Motors from phishing scams.

6. Sellers not being told about the hidden shipping dangers using (PBI) Global Shipping Partnership Program.

Chasing New Jersey

Millions of sellers are up in arms because they lost successful businesses due to eBay’s unfair policy requirements. eBay sets up the small sellers to fail with no possibility to appeal or state their case. eBay’s interest lies with their Top Rated sellers while pushing their products and services on you. Better do what they say or you cannot sell on eBay ever again. Ebayisajoke has shown his seller accounts many times on YouTube in the past proving that he had a perfect seller record only to be ratted out by Hubcapjoes. We even have video evidence of him admitting to having various seller accounts shut down.

Joseph DeMarco tells Chasing New Jersey and I quote “the only reason he came after me is because I wouldn’t support his fraudulent activities”. That’s very funny Hubcapjoe but No the reason I went after you online is because you are a deceitful Top Rated seller who uses your contacts and influence at eBay Motors to interfere with auctions and honest sellers that have nothing to do with you. I continued the pressure when you started your slander campaign using various social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Remember you reap what you sow. Just last week there was a case where a couple on eBay was selling an item to help pay for their Honeymoon, Hubcapjoe listed the item link under his video on YouTube and urged his followers to have a look at it and wouldn’t you know, a few days later the listing was pulled by eBay and the seller’s account shut down. Crazeenydriver also likes to laugh at sellers getting suspended. Chasing New Jersey – here we see the true Joe.

Chasing New Jersey Talks Ebayisajoke

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