eBay Charade Fools Spokonzaga Pete Shill Puppet for Hubcapjoes

You’ll remember a while back a YouTube character by the name Spokonzaga Pete appeared in a Rob Wolchek video on Fox 2 news for a brief seconed where Rob Wolchek stated Ebayisajoke was guilty (never proven) of placing bids on “Buy it Now” auctions owned by Joseph DeMarco Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors, a seller with a shady past where he abuses buyers over the phone that call him for refunds or returns. Spokonzaga Pete turned out to be a shill working for eBay Inc or Lithium Technology in which we documented where you can read a lot of interesting information about eBay and their black bag of tricks. eBayisajoke is an eBay and PayPal critic that does videos on YouTube to raise awareness and to warn the community about eBay’s abusive policies.

Spokonzaga Pete rambles on about how eBayisaJoke ripped a seller off on eBay but the laugh is on him as you will see in the videos below. eBayisaJoke was making a charade Video for Spokonzaga Pete and waited two months to show everyone. eBayisajoke finally taught Spokonzaga Pete a lesson on how important it is to keep your mouth shut and not slander people when you don’t have evidence of a crime. The old saying goes “Don’t believe everything you see on Youtube”. Ebayisajoke dramatized what buyers do to sellers all day long on eBay. eBay has created a one way system that throws sellers to the wolves. There are dishonest buyers that rip off sellers and eBay allows it because they get their fees. eBayisaJoke pulled a charade on Spokonzaga Pete and he gets the last laugh on this one let me tell you. He baited the hook and Spokonzaga Pete bit. Spokonzaga Pete looks like a fool.

Listen to SpokonZaga Pete rag on eBayisaJoke about being a cyber thief with absolutely no evidence in hand to prove such claims. The joke was definitely on him when the charade video was released. We have been watching Spokonzaga Pete for over a year slander and defame people and we have now stopped him in his tracks. He has since removed all his YouTube videos from YouTube and is apparently now in hiding. Watch the big mouth’s video below, then watch Ebayisajoke totally make a fool out of him.

Original Charade Video by Ebayisajoke

(Original eBayisajoke Charade Video goes here)

Video by Spokonzaga Pete

(Original Spokonzaga Pete eBay Shill Charade Video goes here)

Charade Revealed by eBayisajoke

(Original Revealed Video by eBayisajoke goes here)


eBayisaJoke bought that guitar with his own money and never took it from any seller on eBay. He set up the eBay shill big time, here is the receipt to prove it. SpokonZaga Pete talks about Identity Fraud in his videos but he creates a bunch of fraudulent YouTube accounts to upload Rob Wolchek’s Fox 2 video spamming the crap out of YouTube in a futile attempt to get that video out which is nothing more than an embarrassment to Fox 2 news. Spokonzaga Pete got owned by Ebayisajoke and now he’s nowhere to be found. The old saying goes, “After the birds play, they eventually fly away”.