Character Assassination by Fox 2 News Hall Of Shame Rob Walchek Hit Piece

character assassinationIt’s all about Character Assassination for the Hall of Shame’s Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News Detroit when he ambushes people by surprise in order to expose them and put them in the news but now we’re going to give Rob a little dose of his own medicine to see how he likes being exposed. Back in August of 2013 Rob Wolchek smeared a man’s reputation and assassinated his character all over national news and through online media websites (calling him a troll) simply because he wore a mask on YouTube to protect his identity from eBay Inc.

With both the Daily Dot, Daily Mail UK and the help of eBay Motors Hubcap seller Hubcapjoes AKA The Crazeenydriver of YouTube, they were able to publicly slander and defame the YouTube character known as “eBayisajoke” (An eBay Critic) with a fake story about bidding on items, not paying for them and then leaving negative feedback which was later proven by online investigators to be untrue.

The critic has requested Fox 2 News, Rob Wolchek and Joseph Demarco to print both an apology and a retraction for such defamatory libel statements or be faced with a possible law suit naming all parties. Nobody has responded to the request or provided any public statement at this time.

character assassinationWe thought it would be fitting to expose the whereabouts of the Hall of Shame reporter since he likes to expose others we had our investigator do a little exposing of Mr. Wolchek. Because he follows people everyday and sits outside their homes ducking down in his car behind tinted glass we felt that we should embark on a journey over to Rob’s house in Commerce Township Michigan to take a photo of the house that Rob is rewarded with by WJBK for abusing innocent citizens of Detroit.

Photo below of the 450k home he lives in off his Detroit Victims

If you would like to send Rob a Christmas card or a subscription to Hunk Magazine well that’s up to you. Or maybe you were a victim of Rob’s reporting and you would like to just send him a thank you card for the quality news reporting him and his brother does. While Rob Wolchek gets a following on Facebook, that’s really only where he can brainwash people into rallying against his victims. Rob Wolchek is all about inciting hate against people and now he’s gone to a new low by going after the workplaces of his victims such as mine. We know you have something to do with it Rob and it won’t work. Read my Gang Stalking Critics article.

Rob Wolchek
1794 Cedar Bend Dr
Commerce Township, MI 48382

Character Assassination by Rob Wolchek and Fox 2 News WJBK TV

character assassination

The Reporter from Fox 2 news Detroit filed a police complaint and sent Oakland County Sheriff Goons out to harass eBayisajoke at his residence because of the article posted above. No order was served of course, but if someone took a photo from the street of the reporter’s house, is that considered stalking according to statute 750.411h? Sounds like the shoe is now on the other foot for the reporter and apparently he didn’t like it. Michigan’s Stalking Statute 750.411h


character assassination

Seller Critic eBayisajoke Protested eBay with a Guy Fawkes Mask for years to bring attention to it’s dirty unfair user Policies and terminated or purged sellers. Over 50k Small Sellers removed from eBay with no justification or explanation. Their selling businesses were terminated overnight. The Fox 2 News Detroit “Reputation Hit Piece” was nothing more than Character Assassination Set Up by eBay Inc and Top rated abusive troll Hubcapjoes who’s name is Joseph J De Marco. I witnessed the abuse, I witnessed the abusive videos, I witnessed Joe Demarco sending certified letters to His Employer, I witnessed and documented everything Joe Demarco did to Charles Fitch.


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