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youtube predatorTrying to catch a YouTube Predator is like shooting fish in a barrel these days but we have our sights set on four prime individuals who have been posting fake reviews about people’s workplace and creating fake YouTube channels that spam YouTube with abusive bullying and harassment videos made by handlers of eBay Inc’s reputation black budget employees to smear critic eBayisajoke. The three others that stand out are without a doubt guilty of online predatory cyber stalking and menacing for an eBay seller that does videos on YouTube called The Crazeenydriver Show. Hubcapjoes owns a store in Oradell New Jersey under his eBay seller name and patrons should stay away from this business at all costs. The three web accomplices working for Joe DeMarco are cyber stalkers. These bullies love to abuse former eBay sellers/buyers and also critics like Charles Fitch. Fighting back is the only way to tame the beast.

YouTube Predator #1: Keith Detwiler Marietta Georgia

Keith Allen DetwilerWe will do an in depth review on the psychotic individuals posted below in this article to show you their cyber stalking. We will also describe who they are, what they do online to people, and how they bully Charles Fitch aka the Seller Critic for eBay seller Joseph Demarco DBA Hubcapjoes Oradell Community business watch, and their eBay Facebook groups they use. These people are what we call “Online Trolls”, these types of individuals may be paid with money, given SWAG and even trinkets like iPhones to stalk and harass which may even include Hiring local private investigators like Rob Wolchek to air hit pieces on eBay Critics like seller Hubcapjoes did using Fox 2 News. The individuals named in this piece already have police reports filed against them just in case they move to the next level of building their police records. Their local authorities have also been notified as to what their doing online, and most important, many of their online accounts such as UStream have been terminated for abusive bullying and harassment.

YouTube Predator #2: Jason Decanio Winter Park Florida

The man here goes by the name Jason Decanio a stranger danger that’s been false flag abusing people on YouTube for over Ten Years. Jason Decanio and wife Stephanie Breon of Winter Park Florida work at the Orlando Resort during the day and at night hop on the internet to abuse and web stalk Charles Fitch of Michigan AKA eBayisajoke. Jason Decanio teams up with the others on this page to stalk, bully and harass Mr. Charles Fitch AKA eBayisajoke just because he’s exposed an abusive eBay seller bully Hubcapjoes. These people are so obsessed with Charles Fitch it’s almost a fetish. Just listen to the very Obsessed Jason Decanio audio file on the right side lower portion of the sidebar and you’ll get a clear image as to how skewed this guy’s mind is. In our opinion Florida should Baker Act this dangerous Mad Man.

YouTube Predator #3: Jason Kelly Lewisville Texas

JK4LifeJason Kelly AKA JK4LIFE and 30JK BlogTalkRadio pf YouTube has been a prolific cyber stalker against Charles Fitch on YouTube by creating fake YouTube accounts almost daily to upload various video content of Mr. Fitch, this is considered online web stalking. He’s been creating accounts along with a friend of his Jason Decanio because eBay seller Hubcapjoes has asked Jason Decanio and others on this page to help manifest fake user accounts to mass advertise not only the Fox 2 news video of Fitch but also to go after his workplace by uploading PSA type videos trying to get Mr. Fitch terminated from his Union Job which will never happen. Because that didn’t work, Jason Kelly has been uploading videos of Joseph Demarco pleading with the FBI to investigate Mr. Fitch and take away his firearm. Crazeenydriver of YouTube hates the 2nd Amendment and is going after the guns of eBay sellers and the gun community hates this. Jason Kelly is a trained Marionette for eBay seller Hubcapjoes.

YouTube Predator #4: Joseph Demarco Haworth New Jersey

HubcapjoesWhile eBay suspends and limits the accounts of small sellers, top rated sellers like this one Hubcapjoes AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver man named Joseph Demarco of Haworth New Jersey gets away with just about anything he wants. Is he a made man for eBay? does he have connections at eBay to get his negative feedback’s removed? does he go after his competitors to get them removed from the platform? the answer is yes to everything and much more. Hubcapjoes will bully buyers and says that he will no longer offer Free Returns. eBay would like their sellers to offer no hassle 30 day free returns on all items but Hubcapjoes is leading his YouTube subscribers down the wrong path. Lets see if eBay appreciates Hubcapjoes pushing the users away from offering free returns when eBay starts losing more of it’s core buyers.

Hubcapjoes hates his buyers and eBay policies that don’t mix well with his business. Joseph’s other address living at 1105 Korfitsen New Milford, NJ 07646 also deserves to be doxed. Joseph Demarco has at least 1 Criminal/Traffic offense and may be into women’s cross dressing and women’s panties. Joseph Demarco has been sued in court by his customers and his business ratings are in the tank.

YouTube Internet Predators are not too Smart..

These examples above of stupid YouTube Predators for eBay Seller Joseph J Demarco aka Hubcapjoes, Winter Park Florida Stranger Danger Jason Paul Decanio, Marietta Georgia Google+ Hacker Keith Allen Detwiler and Jason Kelly JK4Life from Lewis Texas are just a few that are not that smart. They have been exposed for online cyberstalking and for being YouTube Predators. My advice is for people to stay off YouTube or if you have to deal with idiots like this file a police report and also file a Written Complaint at Google.

Haworth New Jersey PD
Winter Park Florida PD
Lewisville Texas PD
Marietta Georgia PD