Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe

Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe

Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe, (activist shareholder) who holds over two percent of eBay stock is not someone you wish to challenge, when he’s holding on to the biggest gun in the west. When Carl Icahn wants something he intends to get it. He’s been looking for eBay to spin-off PayPal along with the resignation of two board members, Mark Andreessen and Scott Cook for having conflicts of interest or multiple lapses in corporate governance. I think thats a nice way of saying their crooks. A new CEO with new upper level leadership would give eBay a chance to become what it once was. By the community, and for the community.

“We have found ourselves in many troubling situations over the years, but the complete disregard for accountability at eBay is the most blatant we have ever seen. Indeed, for the first time in our long history, we have encountered a situation where we believe we should not even have to run a proxy fight to change the board composition. Rather, we believe that in any sane business environment these directors would simply resign immediately from the eBay Board, either out of pure decency or sheer embarrassment at the public exposure of the extent of their self-serving activities.”

Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe

Gary Hewitt of corporate governance research firm GMI said there’s sometimes a gray area when it comes to board members advising multiple companies who are direct competitors. While the situation on eBay’s board is not uncommon — especially in the technology industry — Icahn’s argument does have merit, Hewitt believes.

John Donahoe finds himself staring down the barrel of Carl Icahn’s 44 Magnum just like a scene in the movie Dirty Harry, I bet he’s not feeling too lucky these days. Carl Icahn had words for eBay CEO John Donahoe: “While Mr. Donahoe is feeding information to competitors on the eBay Board and selling the company’s assets to board members, notable PayPal architects including Elon Musk and David Yammer are publicly questioning his strategy.”

eBay Inc shot back in a press release defending the two board members stating that they were respected, accomplished and value-driven technology leaders in Silicon Valley. We all know that means they are crooks. Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe. And with the hundreds of civil lawsuits filed against PayPal daily, why would Carl Icahn ever want PayPal or eBay unless he planned on turning the business around which would not only be good for shareholders but good for the customers (sellers) of eBay Inc.

PayPal Steals Your Money and eBay hurts it’s Shareholders

“Marc Andreessen and Scott Cook bring extraordinary insight, expertise and leadership to eBay’s board, which is scrupulous in its governance practices and fully transparent with regard to its directors’ other affiliations and businesses. And eBay Inc. President and CEO John Donahoe is widely respected for his turnaround of eBay and leadership of the company over the past six years.”

Icahn said “Donahoe lacks awareness about what is going on around him on his board and in the marketplace,” and called his general stewardship of the company myopic.” Carl Icahn Plays Dirty Harry with John Donahoe.

eBay responds to Carl Icahn on the eBay Blog website.

The John Donahoe egghead team is out of touch with its users and should step down as CEO and take his fraud cronies with him. eBay and PayPal is full of fraud and it would take a miracle to turn it around at this point but it could be done if there was a person willing to right the ship. John Donahoe does not deserve any golden parachute either, that money must stay with the shareholders.

Please download U.S Securities and Exchange Commission Schedule 14A for eBay Inc. for information on Carl Icahn’s proposal to eBay Inc.