Car Buying Guide for eBay Motors Scams

[amazon_link asins=’0596101783′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’retite-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0918754f-4b73-11e8-bb40-db9c7a2551ec’]car buying guideWhen buying a used car you’ll need to find a good Car Buying Guide that prevents you from making mistakes. Many people in the past few years have been scammed when buying cars online from sites like eBay Motors. Phishing and Wire Fraud scams plague eBay Motors daily to prey on unsuspecting new buyers that promise such things as Vehicle Purchase Protection, and buyer protection when making payments using PayPal but really there is no protection at all. Buyers shouldn’t shop on eBay Motors for vehicles because scammers will list “too good to be true” exotic or popular vehicles at low prices to lour or prey on multiple bidders by offering “Last Chance” opportunities or offers to hold the vehicle if a Bank Wire transfer is made within a cretin amount of time. The seller may also phish your information to create or obtain access to your eBay account to list more vehicles. Don’t fall victim to these scams!

  • eBay Motors offers no protection for your vehicle or money.
  • PayPal will refund deposits on titled property giving buyers the vehicle and money back without investigation.
  • Don’t be mislead by eBay Motors sellers, take your business to legit sites like AutoTrader.
  • Google “eBay Motors Sucks” for 90 days of Phishing Scams reported by the Car Doctor.
  • Scammers try to get you to send them money in advance for whatever reason.

CrowdHunters gets Scammed on eBay Motors

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eBay Motors Abusive Seller Hubcapjoes

eBay Motors has been touted by their number one fanboy Hubcapjoes as being one of the best places to shop online for vehicles and automotive parts but if you look into the past of this fanboy you’ll see that he is nothing more than a shady promoter working for eBay Inc as a paid spokesman. Hubcapjoes, and other eBay Inc employees use YouTube to promote new buyers to the site so they can be scammed. We recommend that if you’re selling your vehicles online please use an honest site like AutoTrader or do the deal yourself from Craigslist. You’ll save yourself a world of hurt to avoid car buying fraud on eBay.

eBay Activist Protects You – Car Buying Guide

In the following video below Meet the Car Doctor Ed Koon, he’s an eBay Motors Activists that has been protecting consumers from eBay fraud for nearly 15 years online. His website shows people how to buy used cars and gives them advice on how to spot fraudulent listings. In this video he captures eBay Inc spying on his auto-blog and trying to plant cookies on his computer in order to SQL inject his blog with malicious script. This is nothing new because we have been watching eBay’s team of hacks do this to our sites for over five years now. They typcially try to DDOS or SQL inject our sites because they don’t want the truth getting out about the fraud on eBay. Over 90 days of phishing fraud was documented by Doc in 2013 to protect consumers from buying on eBay Motors. If you are unsure of a listing on eBay Motors please download this Vehicle Buying Guide.

There are indeed some very good used car deals on the net. Unfortunately that good deal is usually several states away. If the cars price seems unrealistically low chances are there is a good reason for it. Don’t be taken advantage of!

Used Car Buying and Selling Internet Guide – Internet Car Buying Tips Click Here

4 Ways to Spot a Fraudulent Vehicle Listing on eBay Motors

  1. Newly listed vehicle by a zero feedback seller lists a late model vehicle with a too good to be true price tag.
  2. Contact information placed in the listing to get you to call and make a wire deposit to hold the vehicle.
  3. By googling the VIN number to see if it shows up anywhere else online under another seller.
  4. Using Google Images to see if the images in the listing appear anywhere else online.