Can Ebay Restore It’s Credibility?

I think the damage control team over at Ebay and Paypal have a lot of damage to clean up. They need to start by cleaning themselves off the floor and rebuilding credibility and trust with it’s sellers and not by catering to the buyers. Ebay’s “ban” first, ask questions later mentality with small sellers over the years was the very grease that the fraud machine needed to continue it’s cycle of corruption. Ebay will never be able to clean the grease from it’s wheels. Once the grease goes in, it doesn’t come out. The Ebay executives all used their own tubes of grease by coming up with drastic ways to keep small sellers off the platform so their large store box sellers could profit Ebay’s bottom line. Credibility will never be restored to this online giant until they get rid of the extreme ideas that ruin it, or it’s “grease” that enables it.