A Call to Arms by the eBay Community to remove Joseph Demarco from YouTube

Call to ArmsThis is a call to arms, so is this “Fitchy” enough for ya? A letter to eBay’s Privacy department reporting Hubcapjoes for Privacy violations against other eBay Members is now necessary. I have constructed a letter that I want all of you to write eBay’s Privacy department demanding the removal of Hubcapjoes from the eBay selling platform. The letter is as follows (please copy and paste):

eBay Seller “hubcapjoes” is violating eBay Privacy by posting my name and false information about me on a website called www.chuckfitchscammer. We have evidence that the website is owned by Joseph J Demarco 90 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell NJ (hubcapjoes) selling id. We have posted this evidence here on youtube for you to view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMEK8j9ua7o

We are calling for John Donahoe to act against this seller Hubcapjoes and remove his account for online cyber-stalking and criminal stalking outside the eBay platform. Because I am currently an eBay member, his actions violate the privacy policy and user conduct policies as a seller. I am requesting that he be removed from eBay and his account be NARU’ed for committing acts against eBay community members.

Further evidence of Hubcapjoes will be posted here:
and on other websites until this person removes the content from the web or until he’s removed from the selling platform.

Joseph Demarco’s actions on Youtube (outside the eBay platform) may have nothing to do with eBay, however he is representing eBay from his youtube channel here called “Crazeenydriver”:

Because he represents eBay as some type of spokesman, we believe that eBay is acting in concert or condoning this type of behavior by further allowing him to sell. We also believe that keeping the public constantly informed of Hubcapjoes is the best way we can warn the community of the violations and liability he brings to eBay Inc.

thank you

Privacy department url where you may wish to file a complaint on Hubcapjoes

Call to Arms – eBay Cyber Investigations