Buyer Return Fraud still running Rampant on eBay allowing buyers to keep the goods and get their refund

buyer return fraudWhen buyers get automatic refunds by PayPal, they are more likley not to send the actual item back. This is called “Buyer Return Fraud” still running rampant on eBay to this day. They claim this type of fraud is small and isolated when it happens, and also claimed they were going to address it in the 2017 Spring Seller Update.

The problem is, eBay and PayPal will not block those buyer accounts nor block their credit cards. eBay is actually a party to this fraud weather they know it or not and anytime there is proof of the fraud such as in the video below, they are obligated to return your money and if not, you may file a police report naming eBay the defendants. eBay holds an insurance bond to cover stolen goods or fraudulent activity against sellers.

When eBay refunds a seller due to buyer return fraud, the insurance company pays eBay for their loss but the honest sellers lose their goods, valuable time and money. eBay still allows the buyer to perform on the platform as if nothing happened due to their “pro buyer” biased guaranteed buyer satisfaction policies.


Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It exists in a number of different countries and generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender.