Buyer Files A Chargeback After 9 Months


By: Vonrad

I sold this item on Ebay titled: Land Grant For Lake County California Signed By President Rutherford b. Hayes 1880 Ebay item number 181031211341.
I sold this item to Wayne Kladerman Ebay user ID: WBK 1928 on March 3, 2013. That was 9 months ago.

In my original description. I stated that some documents like these may be signed by secretaries or staff, so the buyer needs to take a good look at the pictures and determine if this is the document that they want to buy. It was listed AS-IS. And we offer no returns or refunds.

He contacted me on Oct 12th and stated the following: “I wanted to let you know that I bought this item because I thought it was signed BY president Rutherford B Hayes. According to PSA, it was not signed by the President. If I return this to you, will you issue me a refund. $250 is a lot of money for a signature that is not Pres Hayes. Please let me know. Thanks.”

I responded: “I am sorry but all sales are final. especially when this sold so long ago.”

He responded “I will call the Credit Card company to see if I can dispute transaction”
I Responded: “Look the document is not fake it is totally real. sometimes these kind of documents are signed by secretaries or staff. Those are the risks. I did state this in the listing. I provided close up pics for inspection. I deceived no one on this sorry but you can’t come back months after you purchase it to ask for a refund. No Antique store works that way. You can even contact Ebay and ask them”

He responded: “I will see what my CC company says. I do know if you said this was signed by his secretary, I wouldn’t have taken it for free, let alone for $260.”

These messages are all available to be seen in My Ebay Messages.

On March 11th He left the following feedback for the transaction: Very happy with this item” This information can also be seen in My Ebay. So he was happy with this item at the time.

Our Store does not offer refunds or returns, all sales are final. This information was stated on the listing as well. A buyer however can file a complaint with Ebay, and they have a policy that states that a buyer must file a complaint within 30 days of purchase, which he did not do.
After 9 months in his possession, I do not know what he has done with this antique document, that is very fragile and delicate, if he has stored it properly or if he replaced it with a fake document. I have no way of knowing these things.

I spoke today with Customer Service at Ebay, and they verified that my listing said No Returns.

There is nothing more I can say about this. There is no precedent for defending a refund after 9 months, Ebay says that I am in the right, I am within every policy that they have on selling this and not giving a refund on it. This sale constituted a legal and binding contract in the State of California, which I have followed every guideline to the T. I stand by what I said, but I am not refunding this man’s money. Ebay will stand by this decision as well.

They just gave me the decision, and it is in his favor. Now Pay Pal is taking 250.00 out of my account to give to him. After 9 months that this guy has had my stuff. What the Hell?