Hubcapjoes doing Business outside eBay

Joseph Demarco

Doing business outside eBay is against the user agreement. A YouTuber that goes by the name of Keith Detwiler (previously suspended seller) throws his friend Joseph Demarco (eBay Motors seller) Hubcapjoes under the bus on YouTube when he reveals that Joseph Demarco does business outside eBay on video. Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube is a top rated eBay Motors seller that sells hub caps for a living, and appears to be placing his contact information inside his profile information in order to obtain new business outside eBay. This practice is against eBay’s communication policy because all contact between buyers and sellers must stay within the eBay messaging system at all times. This insures trust and safety within the community. Many sellers to this day get suspended for violations of the eBay seller policy but it appears Hubcapjoes may be immune due to having contacts at eBay and Paypal others are not afforded.

We would like to not only thank Keith Detwiler for his information about Hubcapjoes, but we also thank a YouTuber by the name Warren Clarke who originally came to us here at Stop Internet Fraud Team to point out the violation. Apparently were not the only one watching Mr. Demarco. Warren Clarke’s comment along with the YouTube video will most likely be deleted by Keith Detwiler so we downloaded the evidence. Seems as though eBay Motors sellers get away with just about anything these days while Roy Daves, Senior VP of sales sits back and watches it’s own three ring circus. Maybe Roy can tell us if there are still phishing scams going on at eBay Motors and why they don’t use ID Verify yet for listing a vehicle. Hubcapjoes thinks he’s above the bar when it comes to accountability for his actions.

Business outside eBay