Former Seller Docs Quality Cars Files Business Complaint Against Hubcapjoes

business complaintA former Seller on eBay Motors and Licensed Florida (Retired) Auto Mart Dealer Docs Quality Cars files a Business Complaint against the auction giant eBay Inc at the State of California Department of Justice website and also on seller Hubcapjoes.

In an effort to force eBay’s Trust and Safety team to follow their own Acceptable Use and Privacy Policy Agreement against users on eBay abusing or posting private information on seller account ID’s for the purpose of “Exposing”, “harassing” or “bullying” users. A Business Complaint is important.

The abusive seller should be terminated from selling when such information is posted and used offshore on a private website such as the one ran by Hubcapjoes.

I worked so hard to build my eBay selling reputation docsqualitycars only to have it smeared all over the net by eBay seller Hubcapjoes and his associates. Now my reputation is totally trashed!

State of California Complaint Filed on eBay Inc for Terms of Use and Seller Privacy Policy Violations Click Here to Review the California Complaint

Lets review why this Business Complaint was filed:

  • ISSUE #1 – Seller @Hubcapjoes, @repoirtbullies and [email protected] aka YouTube’s Crazeenydriver AKA Joseph Demarco is posting the private and abusive information against former sellers Ed Koon and Charles Fitch on a website called Site Whois Data saved Evidence for Legal Record.
  • ISSUE #2 – eBay Seller @Hubcapjoes, @reportbullies and [email protected] admits to hiring investigators to follow sellers in order to track and post private information about them on offshore web servers possibly owned by eBay Inc see Shawn Hogan Black Budget eBay Fund and Affiliate Marketer Sentenced to 5 Months in Prison for the use of social media by eBay users or employees to drum up positive PR for it’s company. Joseph Demarco also posts on Facebook and Twitter hourly to News Agencies, FBI and other public entities in order to further disrupt the lives and reputations of innocent people.
  • ISSUE #3 – eBay Seller @hubcapjoes, @reportbullies and [email protected] admits to being paid by eBay Inc with SWAG Click Here to Watch Video. This is not the first time he’s done a video on YouTube showing a corporate “Pay Off”. After all if he’s suspended now he may sing about the whole operation he’s involved in.
  • ISSUE #4 – eBay Seller @hubcapjoes, @reportbullies and [email protected] Tweets to News Media, FBI and other government agencies to further slander and defame or to raise awareness of lies in order to protect his business with eBay Inc.

After reviewing the business complaint and evidence given by the former eBay used car seller, the allegations against Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ are factual and indeed show maleficence on the part of eBay Inc and total disregard for their own policies against abusive behavior.

I urge you to re-visit the Whois Data information on Joseph Demarco’s offshore website and take notice that he lists his own business address that links the abusive domain and other web pages posted about Doc directly to eBay and PayPal. 90 Kinderkamak Rd Oradell NJ.

Because Hubcapjoes business address uses PayPal to transact business, this additionally links PayPal to his abuse. It is of eBay and PayPal’s best interest to remove the seller Hubcapjoes from eBay.