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Bosom Buddies Make fun of Deformed Obese Buyers on eBay

Bosom Buddies eBay Seller Hubcapjoes aka Joseph J Demarco of YouTube and his deformed fat obese brother make fun of eBay buyers by making videos about their Harelip and weight. Joseph J Demarco of 321 Pine St Haworth NJ, says that the reason people cover their face with hair is to hide their Harelip. He also claims that the reason people are Obese is because they hate themselves.

Joseph J Demarco sells on eBay motors under the Seller ID Hubcapjoes and has been abusive to eBay buyers for many years bullying them when they want to return his “Road Picked” Hubcaps. A picture below is of Joe’s 2011 Impala. This is the vehicle Joseph J Demarco and his Bosom Buddies “Brother” use when they go out hunting the roads for you’re personal property. If you have lost items from Your vehicle such as center caps or wheel covers pay a visit to Joseph J Demarco’s store in Oradell NJ and visit his eBay store online to see if he’s selling them, and then contact the local police department to claim back your stolen items.

bosom buddies

Joseph Demarco owns a Hubcap shop at 90 Kinderkamack Rd in Oradell New Jersey where he sells Stolen Property that him and his Bosom Buddies “Brother” steal from Vehicles that are left stranded on the Highways of Downtown New Jersey and Queens to resell on eBay. Authorities have charged six people with involvement in a car theft ring that targeted Luxury Vehicles in several New Jersey towns that Hubcapjoes may allegedly be a part of. In the past 3 years Joseph J Demarco has shilled up his Personal PR YouTube Channel with hundreds of fake spam accounts in order to pump views, subscribers and watch time to promote eBay Inc. YouTube & eBay does nothing about this piece of dirty wet trash.


The owner of this business is a Bad Business Man and a bully. He attacks his eBay competition by purchasing their Hubcaps and then filing complaints on them to get their accounts shut down for Items Not As Described. This is a tactic used by top rated eBay sellers to drive away competitors in order to increase profits. The mob used to do this in the early days by asking for payment for “Protection” or they would move in and take the business or burn it down. This guy operates no differently by using Facebook groups loaded with fake Buyer Accounts to accomplish the same thing.

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