Bobble Heads And Lincoln Emblems eBay Motors

Bobble Heads
Joseph DeMarco Hubcapjoes

Many buyers are easily confused now a days by sellers that do not know how to take proper photos of their items nor do they very seldom conform to the photo listing policy at eBay Inc. The seller shown here for example hubcapjoes is currently running a buy it now auction on eBay Motors, item number 370305318878 that clearly shows a questionable photo of Lincoln Emblems along with what appears to be two bobble head dogs but when you scroll to the bottom of the item description it says nothing about getting bobble heads in his listing. Many buyers buy items based on the photo they see and this is why eBay has created a strict photo policy. Apparently this photo policy only applies to small sellers and not top rated sellers like Joseph. If I was a buyer on eBay and was going to buy this item, I would assume I would be getting the bobble heads along with the car emblems. I can see how this would be confusing to a buyer and not be the buyer’s fault if this transaction resulted in a dispute. If the item arrived without the bobble heads shown in the photo I would seek either a partial refund, or file an SNAD case on this seller. Hubcaphoes doesn’t seem to think he has to play by the rules at eBay.

Confusing The Buyers With Bobble Heads


Bobble Heads

As a buyer, I would be forced to file a case against this seller if he wasn’t willing to refund my purchase. I could also see a buyer asking for a partial refund in this instance because the buyer feels his time was wasted and didn’t get what was expected. Ebay should take action on this seller for falling a sleep at the wheel and limit his selling privileges especially if he has previous cases filed against him for such stupidity. Joseph DeMarco brags on his crazeenydriver YouTube channel on what a great seller he is, but his listings suggest otherwise.