FBI Getting Ready to Serve Warrant on eBay

Blue Angel Host Web Hosting Cyber Dump for eBay Inc

hubcapjoesPurchasing USA-based hosting for a site that is not legal to be run in America is not a sensible thing to do. Offshore hosting can be helpful for less scrupulous businesses who wish to bypass local laws or regulations, particularly for issues like copyright law, which is also known as no DMCA hosting. But this doesn’t mean that you can host illegal content which is strictly forbidden I.e. Phishing, Spamming. Scamming, Carding, Fraudulent activities, Child Porn and material that supports Terrorism.

blue angel host

eBay Seller Caught Bullying Michigan Man

I will not stop until Justice is served and Charles Fitch is in Jail, I have someone to upload videos or I will upload videos everyday, I will keep uploading.

Hubcapjoes admits He’s Paid Off

eBay Mobile Glitch

Glitches have been going on forever at eBay with no end in sight. Why can’t eBay get a grip on their programming? is their site being maintained by offshore people in India, is eBay.com just another Privacy Breach waiting to happen? People should close their accounts and never sell again on eBay when you have abusive sellers like Joe DeMarco running the show over at eBay’s PR office. The abusive PR guy has yet to be suspended while so many others receive that “No Longer want your Business” eBay eMail.

eBay’s Abusive Blue Angel Hosting Cyber Dump

YouTuber Biz Hacks aka Keith Detwiler

My Marietta GA web stalker has now stooped to a new low by threatening me with Vehicular Manslaughter. If something happens to me this man is responsible Keith Detwiler of Marietta GA lives at 701 Bonnie Dell Dr. On 4/3/2019 he made a video on one of his alternate channels editing his voice to threaten and intimidate me but I was able through the magic of Audacity restore the original pitch of his voice. This man has also gone through the great extent of calling my UAW and workplace to file fake complaints about me for his friend Hubcapjoes. Yesterday on 4/3 we also noticed that the store of Hubcapjoes was being redirected by eBay to the eBay Home page. 🙂 either this was a glitch or their trying to tell us something. We will not stop until we get these dirtbags out of the eBay Community. I have made it my life’s work to make sure people are truly protected and that they don’t have to go through what I went through back in 2013.