Trump Supporting Brothers lose their Jobs when they Taunt Protesters by Reenacting George Floyd’s Death

  • The men have been identified as brothers Jim and Joe DeMarco was exposed by eBay Critic eBayisajoke in 2012
  • Counter protest to Black Lives Matter reenacted the death of George Floyd business owners of Hubcapjoes are racist pigs
  • Joe who is believed to have been the brother lying down was suspended from department of corrections job and sells on eBay
  • Jim who is thought to be the man kneeling on his brother worked for FedEx but has now been fired
  • On Tuesday, the state Department of Corrections (DOC) confirmed that a senior correctional police officer participated in the reenactment. The officer, whose name was not made public by the agency, was suspended from his post and was banned from state DOC facilities, pending an investigation, said Matt Schuman, a DOC spokesman.

    The officer was hired in 2002 and worked at Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility in Burlington County until January 2019, when he moved to Bayside. Although he did not release the officer’s name, William Sullivan, president of PBA Local 105, the union that represents state correctional officers, confirmed that the officer was Joseph DeMarco.

    HubcapjoesJoe DeMarco eBay Seller Hubcapjoes in Oradell NJ finally got his day in court on Monday June 8th 2020 when he appeared all over National News performing a racist act in public. Wow Joe Demarco (The Grand Jury Man) how do ya like being in the Daily Mail? We verified the man laying down “Fanny Pack” and all as being Joseph A DeMarco a Bayside State Prison Corrections employee at Maurice River Township,  and living in Haworth New Jersey. His Hubcap shop business is located in Oradell New Jersey called Hubcapjoes at 90 Kinderkamack Rd. What a racist Scumbag Joe DeMarco is, and eBay Inc should remove him from selling. Our advice for Joe DeMarco next time there is a #BlackLivesMatter Protest going on near your neck of the woods just stay home! We verified though many sources today that the FedEx Driver is Joe’s Brother who was also fired from FedEx. Joe Demarco produced his regular Friday’s video on Youtube and never mentioned anything about him losing his job and his new celebrity status.

    Because Joe DeMarco has tried to hide himself before on YouTube, chances are he may do one of his YouTube videos on Friday and deny that this is even him but we have confirmed it through seven different sources in the city of Franklinville and Oradell (one of his neighbors) stated there were two cars that pulled up at his house today including Oradell Police Dpt. At the time the story broke the Local News did not know who the man was laying down on the ground until today when they confirmed both men were brothers but what they didn’t know is that they own a business and sell online. Other sources such as myself and people that I know also confirmed the individual on the ground was Mr. Joseph A. DeMarco of Haworth NJ. It appears Joey is indeed Fitchy and the Fanny Pack doesn’t lie! Here are links to the story, there is a GOD! DailyMail, TMZ, CBS News, MSN, Businessinsider just to name a few. Joe DeMarco has been caught bullying people online using Gang Stalking tactics and trying to call my employer to have me fired.

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    Hubcapjoes Caught Lying to Reporter Rob Wolcheck