Biggest Jerk on YouTube every Friday Bullies Buyers on eBay

biggest jerkeBay seller Hubcapjoes aka Crazeenydriver is considered to be eBay’s Biggest Jerk that runs a Hubcap Shop in Oradell New Jersey called Hubcap Joes where he’s abusive to buyers over the phone and tells his customers to buy something or “leave”. After one of his customers filed a safety complaint on his store the local Fire Inspector payed Hubcapjoes a visit and saw violations like paper taped over the fire extinguisher signs, no proper lit exit signs above the doors and cluttered floors and walls. The Fire inspector issued a fine. Maybe Hubcapjoes should hire CintasĀ® for all his Fire Safety needs. The video below shows feedback ratings of Hubcapjoes abuse but he’s been getting his negative ratings removed by eBay with phone calls to eBay Concierge. Hubcapjoes was exposed for bashing eBay and PayPal in 2013 by Seller Critic eBayisajoke. Joseph DeMarco then turned eBay fanboy to protect his business by shilling up his YouTube channel with fake views, subscribers and fan letters that he reads to people every Friday on YouTube. He shills his own reputation to give him a positive image in the seller community and admits he commiserates with top eBay Executives. Hubcapjoes is a Dangerous Seller Litterally eBay’s biggest Jerk exposed by eBay’s biggest Critic.

eBay’s Biggest Jerk Allowed to Sell on eBay

If you’ve been scammed or bullied by eBay’s biggest jerk Hubcapjoes, or anyone supporting him on Facebook please post your complaint about the biggest jerk and eBay supporting his selling practices on the Consumer Affairs website below.

Biggest Jerk Hubcapjoes – Selling History

Seller Complaint Process

Evidence of Employment Doxing by Hubcapjoes

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes admit to doxing the workplace of another eBay Seller and online Critic by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to do his dirty work by calling an employer to file fake complaints on an employee. In the additional audio file below, Tommy Watson points out that this is one of the tactics along with making the public think that there is something wrong with the targeted individual (TI) to cast doubt on person’s sanity.

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes abusing eBay buyers:

Biggest Jerk telling people to file chargebacks

A screen capture below of an early YouTube video from Crazeenydriver AKA eBay seller Hubcapjoes the biggest jerk revealing him supporting the website of eBayisajoke below. This proves that he knew who eBayisajoke was early on. His claim that I bid on his items and didn’t pay wasn’t true and he has no eBay IP evidence to prove it.

Link to the original Crazeenydriver video where he tells people to visit my websites and