Attention Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Dennis Calo

Bergen County Dennis CaloAttention Bergen County Dennis Calo Prosecutor’s Office, a business man in your community by the name of Joseph Demarco that lives at 321 Pine St Haworth NJ and has a shop called Hubcapjoes at 90 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell NJ is guilty of menace by stalking a Michigan man (me) Charles Fitch. Joseph Demarco is uploading a number of abusive videos that engage users of YouTube to call the FBI (S.W.A.T.T) and also his workplace making threats telling people to call and file reports that he has a loaded gun and that he’s dangerous to the community and Bergen County Dennis Calo should charge him. This is called Menace by Stalking. Joseph Demarco according to the criminal code below is guilty of Online Web Stalking through the use of his internet devices and were asking Bergen County Dennis Calo that he must prosecute right away. For years Joseph Demarco has been bullying and harassing people on eBay and this time he’s gone way too far. This eBay seller is dangerous and has come unhinged and we would advise that nobody patron his business. There is evidence of two Certified USPS return receipts where he has contacted a union worker’s employer to make up a story to get him terminated from his job using his Public Service Announcement angle to con someone into thinking Mr. Fitch is dangerous while in fact he’s not and has a pristine work record for over 20 years as a UAW member.

The Oradell business man also makes videos telling the FBI and local police to violate my 2nd amendment rights by removing my right to carry a firearm or have one in my home. In 2014 Joseph Demarco used News Reporter Rob Wolchek to file a Personal Protection Order (PPO) against me in effect taking away my right to posses a firearm to protect my family in the home for three years. This story has been posted in some of the Gun Rights Open Carry Forums and I’ve gotten lots of support here in Michigan. Bergen County Dennis Calo must be aware of the evidence below to prosecute this dirt bag.

Bergen County Dennis Calo

The PPO was obtained on false pretenses through a bias Judge Karen McDonnald of Oakland County Michigan where Rob Wolchek Lives. Joseph Demarco also works for eBay Inc where this all starts. He was exposed for being a bad seller in 2013 on YouTube and ever since he’s been trying to get me arrested on bogus fake allegations. The FBI and local authorities have been notified and they state they won’t be entertaining Joseph Demarco. To contact the Prosecutor’s Office about Joseph Demarco please visit and let them know what he’s doing in their community. Hubcapjoes also has a Brother Named Jerry Demarco that may also be helping him online and has ties to local police and resources. Hubcapjoes has admitted to having me followed many times and currently doxes my place of employment and where I live on his offshore Bulgarian Russian website. If Dennis Calo doesn’t look into this situation I will have no choice but to keep writing these articles about Mr. Demarco and his business. eBay must act now and NARU Hubcapjoes eBay store.

Bergen County Dennis Calo – Oradell New Jersey Business Hubcapjoes

Bergen County Dennis Calo
90 Kinderkamack Rd Oradell NJ 07649

2 Counts of United States Mail Fraud Evidence

Bergen County Dennis CaloThis is menacing by stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in these audio files that he’s contacted my workplace, this is two counts of US Mail fraud. Shown here is a copy of two Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions to try and have me terminated for owning a registered gun. Also included below is the actual tracking links for each correspondence. What he sent to my workplace can be subpoenaed by a judge. I have blurred and beeped out my Workplace information because it’s nobody’s business where I make my living. I have a perfect work record with my employer and great relationship with my Union membership and co-workers. The evidence here and verified tracking info below should be enough for Dennis Calo to prosecute Joe Demarco and bring him up on stalking charges. I am willing to sign a complaint. Many people in Oradell NJ have had issues with Joe Demarco, he’s even been sued many times and even violates fire safety regulations in his business. Just ask the local code enforcement officer Stephen Depken why he’s not issuing Joe Demarco fines for various fire violations in Joe’s place of business. The city of Oradell should be a shamed of this man operating his dirty illegal business putting his customers safety at risk and further more shouldn’t patron his business. Please tell Bergen County Dennis Calo to charge Hubcapjoes.

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

Evidence #1:

The eBay seller is clearly trying to use a PSA angle to get the gun of a law biding citizen of Michigan removed from his home. My name is Charles Fitch and I am a resident of Westland MI indeed. I have a registered firearm that stays in the home for my protection against lunatic eBay sellers like Hubcapjoes. He’s made several threats, sent letters to my workplace, called the FBI on me, called my local police to leave complaints of which all falls on def ears because they can see right through his psychotic agenda. This man works for eBay Inc, and I’m an eBay critic simple as that, and I wonder what gun owners think about this man and his attempts to get someone’s 2nd Amendment right taken away. I am reaching out to the people in the Michigan forums to help me report this so called top rated ebay seller, and business owner Hubcapjoes to eBay Inc for abuse.

Evidence #2:

Clifview pilotMore evidence of his attempts to have me fired from my workplace. The man clearly has issues and just can’t stand the fact that he’s been more exposed than the man in the mask was. And that’s without using a news source. The Fox 2 News hit piece done on Charles Fitch was bogus and proved to be a fake news story. Charles Fitch is not an internet Predator, he did videos exposing eBay’s dirty laundry on YouTube while promoting Amazon services and eBay Inc couldn’t have that so they used their number one fan boys Joe and Jerry Demarco who is managing editor of Hackensack Daily Voice and to publicly slander Charles Fitch AKA Seller Critic and eBayisajoke.

Evidence #3:

Phone Interview – More Evidence of CyberStalking

Please email [email protected] directly


Section 2C:12-10 – Definitions; stalking designated a crime; degrees.

Bergen County Dennis Calo – Bergen County Lawyer

1. a. As used in this act:

(1)”Course of conduct” means repeatedly maintaining a visual or physical proximity to a person; directly, indirectly, or through third parties, by any action, method, device, or means, following, monitoring, observing, surveilling, threatening, or communicating to or about, a person, or interfering with a person’s property; repeatedly committing harassment against a person; or repeatedly conveying, or causing to be conveyed, verbal or written threats or threats conveyed by any other means of communication or threats implied by conduct or a combination thereof directed at or toward a person.

(2)”Repeatedly” means on two or more occasions.

(3)”Emotional distress” means significant mental suffering or distress.

(4)”Cause a reasonable person to fear” means to cause fear which a reasonable victim, similarly situated, would have under the circumstances.

b.A person is guilty of stalking, a crime of the fourth degree, if he purposefully or knowingly engages in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his safety or the safety of a third person or suffer other emotional distress.

c.A person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he commits the crime of stalking in violation of an existing court order prohibiting the behavior.

d.A person who commits a second or subsequent offense of stalking against the same victim is guilty of a crime of the third degree.

e.A person is guilty of a crime of the third degree if he commits the crime of stalking while serving a term of imprisonment or while on parole or probation as the result of a conviction for any indictable offense under the laws of this State, any other state or the United States.

f.This act shall not apply to conduct which occurs during organized group picketing.

L.1992, c.209, s.1; amended 1996, c.39, s.1; 1998, c. 17, s.3; 1999, c.47, s.1; 2001, c.220, s.2; 2009, c.28.

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