The eBay Bucket List is not what You Think It Is

autograph fraudThere’s an eBay bucket list but it’s not what you think it is. eBay has a Que of millions of fraudulent daily reported items and those items are placed in their “Bucket List” and reviewed within 48-72 hours according to what the Philippine eBay Customer Service rep told me on the phone today. In this video below you’ll hear me reportĀ Autograph Fraud of an Autographed Eddie Van Halen musicman Ernie ball guitar , 94′ evh signature model item number 253326213396 for having a fake signature and selling the guitar for $8,000 from a user gtrman313-3. These types of fraudulent listings I’ve reported many times before and they still allow these sellers to re-listed the items back on eBay without any action taken on their selling ID’s. eBay is about Profit over Trust and don’t care if people get scammed out of their money.

Autograph Fraud Reported to eBay

Eddie Van Halen only used the Auto-Pen on his Peavy Guitars after moving from Music Man to Peavy. If you were ever to get a personally signed autograph from Edward, it looks like the one you see below here in this video. Edward does not use a long “Auto-Pen” style signature that you would see on the head stock of the Peavy Wolfgangs. If he’s signing free hand, he uses the short signature you see below and so this is how we know the signature in the auction is a fake. A very bad one at that I must say. I hope eBay pulls this listing but I’m sure they just want the fees.

Autograph Fraud Phone Call to eBay