eBay Allowing the Sale of ATM Card Reader Bezels

atm card reader bezeleBay has been caught red handed allowing the sale of a popular ATM Card Reader Bezel criminals use to make electronic credit card skimmers to steal money right out of your bank account. This type of ATM card reader bezel fakery is a growing epidemic in states like Michigan and its costing consumers millions while putting credit card companies on the hook. WXYZ TV Detroit did a breaking news story on Romanians placing ATM Card Skimmers on thousands of ATM’s across the state. Remember if you’re using an ATM machine always use the one inside the bank and pull on it before you use it to make sure it’s securely mounted to the machine and can’t be removed. I recently searched eBay and found a whole search page of ATM Credit Card Bezel being sold and called to report it, in the video below you’ll hear what they told me.

Credit Card Fraudster of Marietta Georgia Selling on eBay

Keith Detwiler has been steeling credit card info on people in Georgia and buying things at thrift stores and posting them back up for sale on his eBay Store Indoor Thrift on eBay to launder the money and hide his criminal activity. For his photo please google his name “Google Account Hacker” and you’ll see the article about him trying to hack into another eBay seller’s YouTube account Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver. We have a recorded phone conversation by him admitting to the multiple attempts of which he tries to access Joseph Demarco’s Google account in order to obtain access to his YouTube channel and delete all his videos. Keith Detwiler is a criminal and should not be allowed to sell or have a store on eBay. Many criminals are also involved in Return Fraud where the buyer sends back something not originally sent and gets his money back.

atm card reader bezel

Other items up for sale on his eBay store include a stolen  DAVID WENDEL painting item number 263723520712 titled City Truck By David Wendel giclee print Painting Oil on Canvas. Mr David Wendel has given us information that this painting was indeed stolen from one of his customers back in February of 2017 out of the man’s home. Keith Detwiler is in possession of stolen goods and is now attempting to sell it on eBay. We Urge you to call eBay and report the item.

eBay Should terminate this store so that future stolen goods are not put up for sale. Will eBay take action on sellers like this in 2018? Probubly not but it is our duty to inform Ripoff Report and other online reporting forums and sites that these individuals still sell on the platform and are getting away with selling stolen goods on eBay.  We’ve obtained a YouTube image of Keith Detwiler as he tries to conceal his identity using sunglasses and a hat.

The law in every state allows some latitude when it comes to the crime of selling and buying stolen goods. The one factor that can make the most significance is whether buyer or seller knew that the goods were stolen. Although knowledge makes all the difference, however, not knowing generally will not allow a purchaser, nor seller, to keep the proceeds, nor the goods. Depending on the jurisdiction and the value of the goods, certain states can charge the offense as a petty crime. Petty crimes, typically, are misdemeanors, or infractions, that do not carry very stringent sentences. Usually, this is reserved for situations where the value of the goods is less than $500 or $1,000, and did not involve an additional crime, such as a weapons, assault or battery charge. If a seller has no knowledge the goods they are selling are stolen, it is likely they would be treated similarly to a buyer who had no knowledge. Typically, for a felony selling stolen goods charge in California, assuming there are no other crimes, a guilty party could be facing up to one to three years in prison. Under the federal law, selling stolen property across state lines could land you a ten year prison sentence.