Aruba Hat Auctioned off by International eBay Troll Ebayisajoke

aruba hat

An Aruba hat pictured here will be auctioned off by the famous international ebay troll Ebayisajoke starting June 1st 2014 on eBay and will be up for bid for 30 days until there’s a winner. The hat was highlighted in a news piece produced by none other than Rob Wolchek of Fox 2 News (WJBK-TV) Detroit. The tabloid reporter was recently placed in the Shillbusters Hall of Shame when he accused the man of doing nothing but eating at his favorite restaurant and seeing an early afternoon movie matinee. The man in the hat was defamed publicly and also accused of other things by eBay Motors seller Hubcapjoes AKA Joseph Demarco of Haworth New Jersey. The claims turned out to be untrue. Ebayisajoke is still seeking legal representation for a defamation lawsuit.

The eBay seller also goes by the name of Crazeenydriver on YouTube and claims that the Michigan man was bidding on his hub caps and not paying for them which turned out to be a lie. A neutral party investigated the claims and found that Joseph Demarco lied for a story to keep eBay Inc off his back for producing bashing videos about eBay and PayPal in 2007-2012. The news reporter did a hatchet job on an innocent man after following him around for almost four weeks. The news reporter still produced the piece to embarrass the Michigan Man because he thought he was guilty of something. The news piece proved that anyone with a camera and tv-station backing can just do what they please to innocent people.

Ebayisajoke is going to auction off the Aruba hat shown in the news piece and give all the proceeds to a charity of Rob Wolchek’s choice. Ebayisajoke will also autograph the Aruba hat for the winner of the auction.

Aruba Hat Up for Auction

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