Animal Cruelty Abuse by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Joseph Demarco

animal crueltyAnimal Cruelty abusive evidence video of a top #eBay Seller has been sent to us by someone that copied a video off the Apple computer of top rated eBay seller hubcapjoes. We have to warn you that this #animalabuse video is very disturbing and eBay should take action on this seller for this behavior right away. As you know we have not seen or heard of his dog Molly in any of his videos for many months, we’re starting to wonder what happened with his #dogs. Someone come forward telling us he chained his dogs up in the hot sun with no water or food outside his hubcap shop located at 90 Kinderkamack Rd in Oradell, New Jersey. This is animal cruelty and the local authorities #animalrights must be notified. Please call to¬†Report a Crime to the S.P.C.A at 201-573-8900 or the Animal Cruelty Task Force at 201-226-5632 to help me report Hubcapjoes as an abusive animal owner at his home address at 321 Pine St. Haworth, New Jersey. They should put Joseph Demarco in the Hall of Shame for Animal Neglect.

Animal Cruelty by Oradell NJ Business Owner Joseph Demarco

Clearly in this video Hubcapjoes doesn’t have any regard for small pets. I always say, if you can’t afford to take care of them properly then don’t buy them just bring them to the Animal Shelter so they can be properly taken care of and loved. His dog in the video is clearly helpless at this point suffering from a beat down, at the hands of it’s owner Joseph Demarco. The dog is just laying there and can’t defend herself. The poor Beagle is very helpless and nervous and #Hubcapjoes comes up behind her so she can’t move as he beats her many times (what a coward). We only show part of the video because it was just too graphic to show this monster’s abuse. This MAN MUST BE STOPPED! he is not only abusive online but he is abusive to animals and must be brought to Justice.

How to Report Animal Cruelty:

Bergen County S.P.C.A
Bergen County Sheriff’s Office
Call S.P.C.A at (201) 573-8900
Call Animal Cruelty Task Force (201) 226-5632

eBay Motors Bully Slings Dirt at Female Buyers

Joe DeMarco runs a Hubcap Shop in Oradell New Jersey spreading Corporate Hate and has been labeled as a Bad Businessman due to his cyberstalking, bullying and cyberstalking against his eBay Buyers. Joe DeMarco also runs a YouTube PR eBay channel called the Crazeenydrver Show where he talks about not allowing free returns and complains about the weather. Hubcapjoes is a Deranged Obsessive Cyberstalker that will soon meet his own Demise and then, unfortunately, take up valuable Real Estate in someone’s mortuary. While we can’t prevent the Plot from being sold, we can, however, protect the eBay Community from a dangerous rouge abusive seller like Hubcapjoes.