Amazon Suspended Ghost eBook

Amazon Suspended Ghost eBook is a huge scam made to get your money.

Amazon Suspended

Amazon Suspended Ghost eBook Scam guides, have you seen those ads for Amazon Ghosting or Amazon Stealth Guide where the eBay suspension forums claim you can get back on Amazon as a seller by following some simple steps? Well let me just tell you that Ripoff Report says the book is a big scam and a marketing ploy to get your to spend your money and buy their other books. Amazon Ghosting is all over the internet and if you’re an Amazon seller and you were kicked off for violation of their policies this book will really not help you. Amazon Ghosting makes many claims that it can’t deliver. I personally ordered this eBook from this crooked seller then wanted a refund and he wouldn’t give it. Further more, the individual that sells it is constantly on YouTube harassing people and filing fake DMCA’s on websites that try to reveal his scams.

His forums are loaded with fake users that pretend to offer fake Amazon seller accounts and they will ask you to give them your information so they can phish and apply for credit cards in your name then sell them as VCC’s (Virtual Credit Cards) to other people online. Your information gets spread around to people on the internet which is illegal. This individual is located over in the UK and goes by the name of ASKPIN. Just do a Google Search and you will find him. Don’t get taken, and remember Amazon will always be able to link your information with old accounts. They have much more sophisticated ways of doing this now. Do not get suckered into buying these eBooks, all the information in this eBook is located here on YouTube in the video below. All you have to do is search YouTube or Google for the answers.

Amazon Suspended Ghost eBook Scam is illegal and will land you in hot water with Amazon