Amazon Benefits from eBay’s Spring Seller Updates and Reduction in Discounts to Sellers

Amazon will reap the rewards and actually benefit from eBay’s new Spring Seller Update policy changes for Top Rated Sellers (TRS). Sellers on eBay just don’t care about TRS status anymore due to the reduction in discounts by 50 percent. One seller Harleymax01 from Top Rated Seller “Hubcapjoes” aka YouTube’s Crazeenydriver channel says this:

I don’t care about TRS status anymore. It has been so refreshing changing my shipping from 1 day to 2 business days. I still make sure my pictures are good and I also ship on Saturdays but that one day shipping got to control my other parts of my life. I sell on etsy, CL, Amazon MF, and also have a part time job.

Ebay’s profits over the past 5 years is as follows: 2012=4.06B, 2013=4.79B, 2014=3.16B, 2015=2.8B, 2016=3.0B. And yes the ‘B’ does stand for Billions of US Dollars. It’s clear eBay is hardly short on cash. They are cutting the TRS discount and pumping up fees simply because they are the powerful over the powerless (sellers). Much like any monopoly eBay can dictate the prices as they choose. Of course eBay won’t tell you they are simply trying to pump up profits, they will always spin their actions to “help sellers” and other nonsense. eBay exists for one purpose only (like pretty much every corporation), to maximise the profits for its stockholders.

eBay (TRS) will no longer care about shipping times, uploading of tracking, and providing a good user experience to their buyers anymore. Amazon always prides itself on easy “one click” buying and fast shipments to their customers. Amazon is still the best place to buy from with hassle free returns and almost zero fraud while on eBay you have return fraud which eBay seems to not even care about or take serious. They claim that “Buyer Return Fraud” is small but they know it’s a huge problem at and until they address the fraud buyers can’t trust eBay and sellers will have disdain for buyers.

eBay Spring Seller Update Webcast Hal Lawton