Amazon Associates How to Boost Your Online Earnings

How to Boost your Commissions with Amazon Associates is rather simple if you know what your doing. Has anyone ever seen “Make Money” images or ads like this? lol well I can tell you that as a long time Amazon Associate promoter the money is just not that big. It can be if you know how to promote to large groups using proven marketing tactics. Some tactics may not even be allowed by Amazon themselves but as a beginning affiliate I suggest you get with someone that knows the game. (me). I made 2-10k a month on Amazon Associates back in 2010-2013 however I started with my account in 2008.

In order to make money promoting Amazon products, the secrete is to promote to large groups. My group was eBay re-sellers. yes, I actually got eBay sellers to buy from my links, making me upwards of 14 percent each month with a conversion rate of over 80 percent. A conversion rate is an average commission percentage of your total sales. To give you an idea where I was at, the typical Amazon affiliate has a 1-7 percent conversion rate where they sell maybe 1 item per day on average. My rate was over 80 at times. I was actually making Amazon over 70k a month in product sales.

  • Amazon Associates is honest and pays affiliates on time each month.
  • Many eBay sellers are now promoting Amazon products or drop shipping to eBay sellers for commissions.
  • Amazon’s Stock Price has Climbed over 3% in the last 12 months and still trending upward.
  • Earn 10 percent commission on products promoted with Amazon Associates using their affiliate tools.

To show you what I mean I’ve attached a report from Nov 1st to Nov 30th of 2013 with all my commissions and sales. It will also show you what’s popular to sell on eBay if drop shipping from Amazon to eBay which my group of sellers did. This is a large file. Many affiliates don’t prove their earnings with Amazon, and I do. I was really the only guy online proving my earnings with real actual screen shots of my reports. Many long time eBay sellers likeĀ Lindey Glenn are now flocking to Amazon to sell, so creating niche blogs is also one good way of making volume commissions.

Amazon Associates

What I do now is help people promote products using their own blog sites. I do this for free, so if you’re interested in starting as an Amazon Associate and building passive income like I did, please get a hold of me and I’ll guide you. I will give you the in’s and out’s of doing it, How it should be done step by step, setting up website security, and I do all this for FREE NO CHARGE. My goal being an Activist against eBay inc is to get people promoting Amazon products. I do however make a small commission on some of the links below. Here are the things you will need in order to get started: (very simple)

Amazon Associates – What you need to start

Because Amazon Associates requires you to have a Blog Site, this has to be created and setup before you signup to Amazon Associates. They will then ask you a few questions about your site and approve your application.

Hosting Account:
Select (VC2) Cloud Package for $20 per month.

Domain Name:
Discount Code “PRIVACYPLEASE” Free Whois Privacy

Next you’ll need to download WordPress

Next you’ll need a FREE Cloudflare Account:

What does Cloudflare Do?

CloudFlare is a free service that accelerates and secures your website by acting as a proxy between your visitors and your website servers. With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious visitors, save bandwidth and reduce average page load times.

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Amazon Associates – I offer Additional Help

If you need me to setup your hosting account and install WordPress for you and install proper plugins, and secure your website using Cloudflare and TLS Encrypt the site, I do charge a one time fee of $75 for this, but can be done by you with my instructions via email. You’ll also need to setup the server and configure it of which case I suggest you pay for this setup so it’s done correctly.

Once your site is up and running, I will show you how to use YouTube to make money off their videos. If you’re not interested in the affiliate program maybe you would like to lean how to drop ship from Amazon to eBay Sellers? Click Here for my free guide..

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