eCommerce Responsive Affiliate Website

I currently have eCommerce Websites for sale where you can promote thousands of Amazon products by earning advertising fees or commissions. I will build and setup your eCommerce Responsive Affiliate Website, simply put it on autopilot and let it run and within a month or two it will start generating income with the more products you add. I’ll teach you how to add products you promote or products you wish to sell!


eCommerce Responsive Affiliate Website

eCommerce Responsive Affiliate Website

When you purchase one of these eCommerce Responsive Affiliate Websites from me, you get a customized logo for your home page along with my top 100 products to advertise. That’s right, I will import up to 1000 products into your Amazon Associate WordPress Web Site for you so you can begin to start making money. Your site will be completed within 3 days after payment has been received. You will also need an Amazon Associates account and your Amazon API keys. Don’t worry I will help you do all this! I will install your site after the graphics have been made and I will also coach you along the way on how to add products. Please contact me for pricing and payment arrangements. I take PayPal!

eCommerce Responsive Web Site

The theme really doesn’t make the site, it’s the products and basic site promotion that I do for you that brings in the traffic. I’ll even talk to you over the phone if you’re in the US. As for a domain name, you should use a one or two-word name (.com) for your web site and I recommend selecting a general niche type of name based on the items you plan to sell or promote.

For example if you are going to sell everything offered on Amazon from electronics to women’s makeup, then you would use something like “” this is a good name because it has “shop” which is a keyword in the domain name. You could also use something like “” or even a “.net” if it’s available. If you’re going to promote only clothes from Amazon then you’ll want your domain name to be something like “” or “”.

When you use a general niche domain name you open yourself up to bring in thousands of products into the store, when you use niche shopping sites you can only list so many products in that category that Amazon may offer.

For example is an appliance site. Its only shows appliances.

Building by niche has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that I am limited to whatever Amazon has for Appliances. The advantage is that people only looking for appliances will find the site and the ticket amount is much higher hence the Amazon advertising fee payout percentage will be higher. Example, If you are selling women’s make up your selling $5-25 items. If you are selling appliances your selling $200-5000 items. I would rather earn 6% on those items then 6% on women’s make up. will let you search for domain names. You don’t need privacy whois just a standard name registration. Once you have that go to hostgator and get a hatchling hosting account. If you can afford the plan with unlimited domains then you’ll be able to add more sites later and the more sites you add the more traffic you get and more sales you can generate.

Here are payment instructions:

Please ask me for instructions before you pay, NO PAYPAL only Western Union or Moneygram.

Please email me your MTC number and sender details to info(at) and I will be in contact with you to start your website.

Your site will be completed within 3 days after I verify payment and a hosting account. If you do not have a hosting account or no domain name registered please get it here:

The recommended hosting M3XS Server

For the recommended Domain registration account (if you need one) go here:

Qualifications of getting an approved Amazon Associate account are:

You do not live in one the following banned tax states:
Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Maine or Rhode Island.

Amazon Associates Sign Up:

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