Adyen Getting Ready to Dip Their Fingers into eBay Fraud

adyenAdyen won’t become a new Payments solution for eBay if we have anything to do with it. eBay is dumping PayPal for a Dutch Rival, Protecting consumers from fraud is what I’m about and I want to let the Dutch Payments solution company know that if you do business with eBay you’ll be dealing with Billions of Dollars in fraud, using you as their “Payments Patsy” like they did with PayPal. For years eBay and PayPal created profits out of fraud totally destroying eCommerce as we know it. Companies should run very far and fast from eBay Inc. PayPal is no longer trusted and sellers want nothing more to do with PayPal. eBay will never fully Abandon PayPal because it’s a way to write off fraud. With eBay racketeering lawsuits, changes in payment solutions and Paid Abusive eBay representatives or Trolls like Seller Hubcapjoes on YouTube giving out information on PayPal these days, my head is spinning and I end up buying on Amazon anyway!

PayPal $20,000 Scam 2017 (Actual Recorded Call)

eBayisajoke Called it PayPal’s Time is UP!

adyenPayPal Holds money based on personal credit score checks and the fact that you’re business may not be listed in a DBA or Lexus database. Their decisions or protective high risk activity is just an excuse to shut you down to favor top rated or more profitable sellers selling your exact same items but making more fees than they would with you. eBay and PayPal breaks down small sellers to favor higher profits from fees of others and this is why they are now kicking PayPal to the curb because they have screwed over so many small businesses, it’s now time to change payment solutions so they can do it all over again. We also seen what they did with buyer return fraud which was and still is a big scam on eBay where they take small seller’s products or expensive electronic goods, warehouse them and then list them from other top rated seller accounts using global shipping programs to launder or create fake insurance claims to double dip on more fraud. Contact eBay legal department eBay Legal Department/Civil at 2211 North 1st Street San Jose, CA 95131

Hubcapjoes Hurting eBay Buyers

HubcapjoesThis eBay seller does a weekly vlog on YouTube promoting eBay but what people don’t know is that he is an abusive top rated seller that gets his negative feedbacks removed by his connections at eBay. I bet if all of you were to call eBay to get a negative feedback removed they wouldn’t do it for you! Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes is a “Buyer Bully” and must be shut down from selling at once. Our goal is to protect the eBay community from abusive seller’s like this.

If you buy from him and return your items or don’t pay he will come after you with local news reporters, have you followed and stalked at your place of employment, and he will use online forums and make websites to promote hatred about you. Were asking eBay Inc to remove this seller from the platform and restore trust to the eBay Community.

Below Hubcapjoes was caught not renewing his whois privacy in time on his abusive website hosted over in Sofia Bulgaria on a Russian Federation server currently black listed for spam. He runs this site to smear and abuse former eBay seller Charles Fitch where he also doxes his home and his workplace. He dare not host this site inside the United States else eBay Inc would be legally bound to terminate his seller account.

HubcapjoesIn this audio file below, you’ll hear eBay Seller Joseph Demarco of Oradell New Jersey try to get people on YouTube to call my employer and file fake complaints against me. Where I live in Westland we have what we call a Community Watch on our street. We all know who belongs and who doesn’t and last summer and even this past 2017 Winter, we noticed suspicious individuals driving through our streets that typically don’t belong. I noticed last summer on more then one occasion my wheel lugs were being loosened on my Truck parked in the driveway.

These don’t get loose by themselves and so I made it a point in the audio file to let people know what is happening. It is not that I am paranoid or delusional, but I am alert to the fact that Hubcapjoes wants me out of the picture and so does his friend Jason Decanio. I’ve included a 2nd audio file of Jason Decanio’s rant wanting me dead.

Insane YouTube Bully Jason Decanio Winter Park Florida:

Gang Stalking by Hubcapjoes eBay Seller


silent killing techniquesHubcapjoes is accused of Heading a reputation management smear campaign on eBay critics, one in Florida and one in Michigan. It’s alleged that this may be another black budget eBay job, covertly using autonomous user accounts, channels, ISP’s, Wi-fy Hot Spots, and even eBay and PayPal employees to carry out this operation to improve the reputation of eBay which would be a violation of FTC stock manipulation guidelines. eBay seller Hubcapjoes admits to being paid off by eBay Inc: