Could This Address Have A Previously Suspended Seller Account?

On any given day of the week at 321 Pine St Haworth NJ 07641 you can find Joseph DeMarco YouTube cyber stalker, and bully Crazeenydriver sitting out on his nice wooden deck in the summer making all his videos about eBay and PayPal. Some say that CEO John Donahoe of eBay Inc, Roy Daves Senior VP of eBay Motors sales, and Scott Henshaw of PayPal sometimes stop by to pay their top rated seller Hubcapjoes a visit for a nice cold drink of old-fashioned Kool Aid while sitting in the nice cool shade. If you’re driving by, sometimes you can even catch Hubcapjoes mowing his grass and playing with Molly in the front yard. Back in August of 2013 Joseph DeMarco made a YouTube video celebrating about how he had eBay and PayPal critic Ebayisajoke followed and put on TV in Detroit Michigan accusing him of bidding on hub caps and then not paying for them. We found that this story wasn’t true and that Hubcapjoes was really just trying to get back at Ebayisajoke for exposing who he was and his seller ID to his YouTube viewers. It’s now time to show you where Joe lives.


Since 2007 Joseph DeMarco AKA Crazeenydriver has been bashing the hand that feeds him on 321 Pine St doing all sorts of videos about how he hates eBay and PayPal. In one video he even calls PayPal a “Scumbag Whoring Company” that he would never do business with, and that he wouldn’t “Bend over to just let them enter him” like other people do. He went on to make more bashing videos about eBay and PayPal until he was called out and exposed by Ebayisajoke for all the past bad feedback he received from buyers on eBay Motors that didn’t like his services or customer support. Joe would yell and hang up on customers according to his feedback posted at toolhaus. Hubcapjoes then had to come up with a plan then pivot in order to cast negative PR on Ebayisajoke. This is a classic Shill or Sockpuppet move so that a person can cast doubt on his target in order to try to gain credibility or positive PR to support his position or in this case, to save his eBay business. After all, Hubcapjoes has a lot to lose here not only his eBay seller account but a brick and mortar store located in Oradell NJ.

Ebay Motors Hubcaphoes House

Hubcapjoes then began a smear campaign using social media like twitter and offshore websites to slander and defame Ebayisajoke’s character and reputation, even going as far as accusing him of Social Security fraud and prescription drug abuse. Ebayisajoke is planning a law suit for the damages Joseph DeMarco Hubcapjoes has caused him both publicly and privately. Listed below is the property value of his store and his home requested by Ebayisajoke’s lawyer.

321 Pine St

321 Pine St

321 Pine St

321 Pine St

In August of 2013 a Detroit TV station tabloid reporter followed Ebayisajoke around for two weeks at the request of Joseph DeMarco trying to get dirt on Ebayisajoke but the only thing they captured was him going to the movies and eating at Subway. No mention of any criminal record and no proof was shown of any wrongdoing. This was a complete violation of Ebayisajoke’s public and personal rights to privacy. Ebayisajoke stated that he is not a criminal, and that his character on YouTube was created to bring public awareness to eBay’s abusive consumer practices. “All they did was expose a Critic” says Ebayisajoke. Because Ebayisajoke’s online and public privacy was violated for absolutely no reason by Joseph DeMarco and associates, we decided to show some of Hubcapjoe’s personal information including photos of his house and where he lives just like he did to Ebayisajoke. It’s only fair.  In this video below Joseph DeMarco at 321 Pine St labels Ebayisajoke as a dangerous cyberstalker, but it appears that Hubcapjoes is the one doing all the stalking according to YouTube witnesses. These individuals are prepared to come forward if need be to testify in court. Joseph DeMarco has made a complete ass out of himself and Ebayisajoke is going to be there to spank it when the time is right. Hubcapjoes is a risk to eBay and PayPal’s platform yet they seem to really love this guy. This ride their on may land Ebayisajoke a huge class action winfall.

Joe thanks his friends Team eBay at 321 Pine Street


As you can see in the video above, Joseph DeMarco at 321 Pine St likes to brag about his accomplishments. He also loves to name names, after all isn’t that what Rats do? Most if not all of these people mentioned in Joe’s video may be subpoenaed and deposed by Ebayisajoke’s attorney if a civil lawsuit gets filed. I think once a case is brought by Ebayisajoke naming both Joe and eBay, eBay may decide to do the right thing and remove the bad apples from the basket. Joseph also likes to make fun of Ebayisajoke as you can see in the video further bragging about how he’s going to inflict more damages on Ebayisajoke. It’s obvious that rats are not too smart.

Update: 2/4/2014

Slambay of YouTube produced a video poking good fun at Joe about how he got exposed.

We Know Where You Live Now Hubcapjoes

Spokonzaga Pete reacts to Keith AKA “Slambay” Detwiler on YouTube and calls it Doxing.