Abusive Sellers Complaining on YouTube Hurts Marketplace Reputation

eBay sellers like long time online abuser Hubcapjoes aka Joseph De Marco, a New Jersey Seller that tries to sell used Hubcaps in the Category of eBay Motors at gouging high prices constantly complains every Friday on his Crazeenydriver eBay YouTube Channel about buyers wanting returns and refunds for items that are prone to come back Not As Described. This jackass should buck up take his returns on the chin and move on. Why beat up eBay for junk that you sell?

eBay allows hubcapjoes to promote eBay from his YouTube channel in a way that’s unbecoming of an eBay Seller violating the Marketplace rules with his mouth each week on his channel using fake comments from fake users to promote hate against outspoken critics like eBayisajoke who expose the broken policies and glitches of their Marketplace in order to keep consumers protected by sinister sellers like this one. In the end Hubcapjoes loses his selling privileges, and eBay gains back the credibility they once had.

5 Ways Top Sellers Interfere with Small Sellers

  1. Top Rated Sellers file fraudulent VERO claims.
  2. Top Sellers buy from small sellers cheap then file complaints for shipping.
  3. Top Rated Sellers use Facebook groups to pad purchases and feedback DSR’s.
  4. Top Sellers get invited to Big Vegas events giving them a leg up on search visibility.
  5. Top Rated sellers get access to better customer service and are paid to do eBay promotions.

Supporter gives evidence eBay is Protecting Hubcapjoes:

Hubcapjoes telling people to file chargebacks on PayPal:

Hubcapjoes has been exposing buyers that want to return his used dirty items giving out usernames and where their buying from each week on YouTube to try and promote some kind of hate against buyers or eBay in other countries just because they want a refund. Hubcapjoes uses YouTube to try and influence viewers against buying on eBay yet states he loves promoting them using a fake Fanboy routine is not genuine at all. Top Rated YouTube sellers like Rally Roots that are on YouTube promoting eBay in a “Positive Light” are now showing disdain for the outspoken abusive seller eBay Calls “Hubcapjoes” or YouTube ID “Crazeenydriver”. Positive influencers like Part Time Pickers, that do real work instead of putting eBay down week after week states that sellers like Joseph De Marco can hurt the eBay Marketplace more than it can help and that he should be suspended for disclosing information on other sellers which is a privacy violation.

Evidence of Joe De Marco Cyberstalking YouTubers