This site is about a WorldRenowned Seller Critic named eBayisajoke who originally exposed eBay Inc for corruption and abuse for years sometime around 2012. He then began to focus his sights on some individuals who were paid by an eBay Top rated seller to conduct clandestine online Hacking, and Reputation Management on the Critic at the direction of eBay Executives and other Top Rated sellers in an attempt to derail or sidetrack the Seller Critic’s investigations.


eBayisajoke found that eBay Inc was using offshore Russian website services to conduct “Black Budget” (off the book) operations on their Critics on the web. This was also exposed by others like ex eBay’s Shawn Hogan of Digital Point Solutions that ran an illegal Affiliate Traffic Scheme for eBay Inc but then eBay turned on Shawn and conducted a sting operation to get him charged by the feds. Is eBayisajoke guilty of writing articles about it’s users and eBay Inc Yes!

I Will never give up exposing eBay Inc for the criminal enterprise they really are. Selling shouldn’t be restricted to only special Sellers that do free Promotions on YouTube.

Another Critic talks about the good’ old days of eBay Inc. #DOCSQUALITYCARS of Florida.