Charles w FitchHello all, about me Charles w Fitch of Canton Michigan. In 2012 I exposed an eBay seller named Hubcapjoes for making negative videos about eBay on his YouTube channel Crazeenydriver while he was selling items he was abusing his buyers on the internet and the fitchy seller got exposed.

I discovered that he was bullying buyers on YouTube and on other Social Media venues degrading his buyers, refusing refunds and returns while at the same time profiting off YouTube as a verified partner.

Others pointed out to me that when they looked up his eBay seller feedback history they noticed a pattern of negative comments on Hubcapjoes. This is not someone you want to do business with on eBay and we now know that he has been gang stalking his victims. If you do business with an abusive seller like this beware that eBay will not protect you for they have no Trust & Safety. Find out why Seller Critic created the character eBayisajoke.

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